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For over thirty years, CEO Mr. Tomlinson worked as an analyst in the telecom industry. Within the telecom industry platform are press releases and many other protocols to promote your brand in many languages. Utilizing the internet, satellite, and ocean fiber cable sectors from numerous global telephone companies, you can broadcast your video press releases over these terminals. In 2000, Mr. Tomlinson created the first video platform, similar to Netflix or Hula called SpaceBoxTV.com. This video platform was implemented in China through Buda, Alibaba, and Huawei. Our company YeeHaw was created in 1998 and provided video to multiple countries in multiple languages. To learn more please visit https://yeehawsearch.com/. Today, Amazon and many other companies use this video streaming platform, including Yahoo, Bing, Naver, Qwant, Graft, Vandex, and Duck Go. Globally, stat counter shows market shares of usage of cell phones and many other protocols, including Alcatel cell phone parts, Motorola, Lenovo, Xiaomi, ZTE, Coolpad, Sprint, Verizon, and Newswire. And like Spaceboothtv.com, in 2000, it shows how these other companies are using our platform today. These include Vivo, Gizbot, Micromax, Celkon, Karbonn, Jio lyf Videocon, Xolo, Intext Technologies, iball, Comcast, and Direct TV. JCNTV, a cable television company, created a 56k protocol in 2000 for less fortunate people who do have enough bandwidth to stream video. When these viewers use 56K, they save their bandwidth. To this day, 20 years later, none of these companies offer this choice. These include COX, Spectrum, Financial Times, Bloomberg, British Telecom, SKTelecom, Redditt, Kimchi, Samsung, Fox, CNN, BBC, Reuters, Newswire, FNLondon, Oppo, Microsoft, or Lumia. Not one offers a low-resolution bandwidth, which prevents viewers from watching their content. As an analyst, Mr. Tomlinson analyzed cell phone parts, such as iPhone, ZTE, ZPad, S Tablet, 5G, as well as websites, such as Tesco Mobil, LinkedIn, Google, Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. None of these companies offer a 56K option, resulting in billions of prospective viewers unable to access the content. SpacePunchCardSMS Mr. Tomlinson created a one-of-a-kind consulting school servicing foreign governments and large United States businesses for licensing and creating business plans to register a phone, television, or internet license. He has also analyzed and developed a platform for call centers, merchant platform for high-volume customer service that involve electronic banking platforms, such as SpaceBoxATM, Square, PayPal, and First Data. First Data is the main platform for electronic banking. All platforms such as desktop, tablets, and mobile phones in every region worldwide including Brazil, South Africa, Africa, Asia, North America, Oceania, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Ireland, and Pakistan all use the same banking browser platform and have a market share from our analyst’s research.